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Legal Services
We provide legal support on a wide range of issues including contracts, property matters, employment issues, court matters, debt collection, admissions, exclusions and special educational needs.
We offer advice via a legal telephone helpline or on-going help and assistance for more complex matters. Schools are also likely to ask our advice on civil issues such as disability discrimination claims, negligence matters and disputes between parents and the school.

We can also provide bespoke training to school staff and governors on a range of issues.
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Resources if your students have questions regarding the attacks over Easter weekend
24 Apr
In a recent article in The Guardian, Stephen Lawrence’s mother, Doreen Lawrence wrote that children needed to be taught “to challenge racism and discrimination and to embrace inclusion…if we are to encourage future generations to build a better society, free from discrimination, I believe that we must teach tolerance and inclusion from an early age. Education is a powerful way of inspiring young people, and I would like to see British schools put the values of respect and fairness at the heart of the curriculum.” Unfortunately, many of you would have seen the recent stories in the news regarding both the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Londonderry, Ireland and the multiple attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. It may be that our children and young people have questions regarding these events; therefore this is a reminder that the discussion frameworks attached can be adapted to a range of situations and provides a basis for young people to discuss and have an opportunity to process what has happened in the safety of a classroom. Of course you should also take into account your policies and the age of your children if using the following. The following websites provide information as to how to sensitively approach the topic of terrorism with pupils: 'Educate Against Hate gives parents, teachers and governors practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation. The site’s resources, which includes those for teachers and school leaders are all endorsed by the Department for Education. Talking to children about terrorists attacks – useful advice The PSHE Association - see attached document ‘Discussing a terrorist attack with children’. Although this is aimed at primary it can be useful for secondary schools as well. Classroom ideas - see The following is a link to quickly and anonymously report online material promoting terrorism or extremism. Please advertise to your parents and staff if you feel appropriate: A reminder that there are no restriction on age for hate incidents and that these can be reported here: Further advice here: Please advertise to your school community as you see fit. Kind regards West Sussex Prevent Team
Summer Link Adviser Visit – Governance and Leadership
24 Apr
For the attention of all schools. Headteacher/Principal, Chair of Governors - FOR ACTION/INFORMATION. This letter informs schools of the focus for the summer term Link Adviser visit.
Racist Incidents: Report Summary for Spring Term 2019
24 Apr
For the attention of all schools. Headteacher/Principal, Chair of Governors - FOR ACTION/INFORMATION. This letter requests schools to complete the Racist Incidents Report Summary for the Spring Term by 24th May 2019.