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Furniture and Supplies Team
We offer competitive prices for furniture and equipment procurement through a number of beneficial contracts and procurement arrangements.
Whether you want to find the best price and delivery for a single piece of furniture or a complete solution for the interior design and
fittings for a whole school, your first call should always be to the WSCC Supplies team.

Our space planning specialists can help you to organise your workspace effectively using CAD (Computer Aided Design).

We can plan, design and install furniture, fittings and equipment (FFE) to meet all your needs.

We also offer a relocation and site clearance service. A dedicated move manager will work on site and manage the project from start to finish.

We have all the operational resources, specialist equipment and knowledge to manage projects of all sizes and specialise in the disposal of redundant furniture and equipment in an environmentally friendly way. Those assets that can be reused will be stored and then offered to other schools, small businesses, community groups and charities. Our recycling and reuse team will dismantle those not fit for reuse and strip them into their component parts prior to recycling.