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Welcome to West Sussex Services for Schools.

West Sussex Services for Schools is our single central portal for access to information, correspondence and support services to enable school leaders and staff to focus on successful teaching and learning.

We welcome feedback about the setup and content available on the site to school.services@westsussex.gov.uk.


The Council recognises and supports the independent and autonomous nature of schools and sees its role as acting on behalf of children and their families. We want to do this in a strong spirit of partnership with schools and academies to develop and maintain good working relationships.

Financial pressures mean that schools in West Sussex need to test value for money and to ensure that core resources are used to best effect. We offer access to a portfolio of support services provided directly by West Sussex County Council or its partners. The services are compliant with legislation and the statutory duties of schools and the Council.

We welcome feedback on support services from key stakeholders in schools and academies to ensure high quality day-to-day support leading to positive outcomes for children and young people.

More Details

Prices are not displayed on the external part of West Sussex Services for Schools. In order to establish prices for services for your educational setting you will need to have 'user access'. This can now be administered by your school. Normally the bursar or business manager will have the correct access required to complete this action on WSSfS.