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WSSfS GDPR Toolkit

The completed data map is now available in our GDPR (general Data Protection Regulations) ‘tool kit’ on the WSSfS at the following link:

Having a data map charting the flow of data through your school is one of the GDPR requirements. We felt that there was so much in common amongst schools in terms of their processing of personal data that it would be useful to prepare a complete and comprehensive data map to be adopted in part or in its entirety.  

This work has been led and undertaken by a group of primary and secondary schools with support from legal services. We are extremely grateful to the schools involved.

If you wish to adopt the data map please check it to ensure it sufficiently, in broad terms, describes the flow of personal data through your school. The phrase ‘broad terms’ is key and you need not be too detailed about the entries and there maybe gaps in the template which can be considered in due course. You may decide not to adopt all entries and to add others, although it is highly likely that the map will be sufficient for your purposes. 

You will see that the purpose for most of the processing within schools is described as a ‘public task’ one of the lawful bases for processing and the most relevant for schools. There are a number of columns designed for future use as and when compliance checks are undertaken. Tabs 1 and 2 map data within school and tab 3 maps the sharing of data with other organisations and third parties.

The map you create or adopt is likely to be a working document which you amend as and when appropriate. It will form the basis for compliance checks in future.

Please also note that we have updated the FAQ’s in the ‘tool kit’. We would be grateful if, before contacting the legal service’s help line for advice, you would quickly check whether our FAQ’s answer your question.

09 Mar 2018

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